Welcome, welcome

Welcome to Reameliorate.

ame·lio·rate verb \ə-ˈmēl-yə-ˌrāt, -ˈmē-lē-ə-\

transitive verb: to make better or more tolerable

intransitive verb: to grow better
— ame·lio·ra·tion noun
— ame·lio·ra·tive adjective
— ame·lio·ra·tor noun
— ame·lio·ra·to·ry adjective

Reameliorate is like verbify, a word that doesn’t technically exist but people can tell what it means anyway. Here, it is to make better or more tolerable, to grow better again. This implies some betterment had already been achieved but whether relative levels have fallen or a new level is needed, further amelioration is in order.

This blog will be my search for some form of betterment, or at least commentary on things and situations with room to improve. There’s no comprehensive plan (perhaps one of my greatest shortcomings for planning rarely occurs) but that’s what makes life interesting, no?


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