It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… still a plane.

I’m definitely a visual learner and pictures are worth a thousand words. In that spirit of things, this is what I remember from my dream last night: renovated apartment, friendly neigbhours, and an airplane.

I rarely remember dreams so I was hoping for some powers or a predictition of some futuristic universe. Instead, I lived below a plane. The end. Typically I wake up with a feeling instead of memories from a dream and this morning I was just confused.

“Maybe it means something”, I thought. The first google result for ‘dream interpretation airplanes’ came up with the Dream Moods Dictionary. ‘Airplane’ has the largest section of the page with some pretty specific situations but no airplane-trapped-in-apartment. Although generally, it’s suppose to incate overcoming obstacles and “rise to a new level of prominence and status”. But if it’s stuck in an apartment building even though it wasn’t blocked by glass, would it still indicate some form of success or would it be closer to missing a connecting flight even though the plane was technically stationary and wasn’t even mine but I lived close to it so maybe I knew the owners and maybe if I stayed asleep I would have gotten in and flew somewhere which would indicate complete control of my life and self-confidence but that’s really not the case right now because I need to plan life in the next three months and have little idea where to begin but maybe it’s telling me that I could be taking control if I wanted and I just don’t have the motivation for it (or a pilot’s liscence). … Maybe.

Um. Speaking of pictures though, MS Paint is underrated.

p.s. Can we take a moment to freak out because it’s already June 1, 2012? JUNE!


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