Windows into the Chinese internet

Again, so many interesting articles I want to share and discuss! But time is limited and I will elaborate later this evening. In the mean time, everyone can at least be entertained. Chinasmack and Offbeatchina are two of my favourite windows into the Chinese internet (in english). The stories they share are sometimes hilarious, sometimes horrifying, and are often accompanied by translated comments from Chinese netizens. If you know other such websites, please recommend!

From Chinasmack: Boys, Boyfriends, Young Men & Fathers

And Patriotic hairstyles in China from Offbeatchina. What great parents these children must have!

On the more serious side, the China Media Project offers a collection of articles from the Mainland, commentary, and archives deleted weibo (the Chinese hybrid of twitter and facebook) posts.

Go forth and explore the Chinese internet, my friends.


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