Common denominator: the world is kind of… terrible. Sometimes.

As you can tell from the title, I’m feeling optimistic today. So optimistic in fact, that I may devote all my time in the future to cartoons rather than reading the news. Happy events are rarely noteworthy and in addition to being a scary place, the world is also depressing most of the time. Oh, dramatic sigh!

The most depressing ‘news’ comes from the Economist about the rotten heart of finance. We’ve known this for a long time, but it’s taken forever and a day for the world’s largest media sources to finally share a specific story. Though most of us avoid daily discussion of the London inter-bank offered rate (LIBOR), it easily affects our lives and bankers have been easily manipulating this (supposedly ‘market’) rate. “Breakfast 8am” “Meeting 9am” “Provide false information 10:30am” There are no incentives for bankers to not lie, cheat or steal and about 20 million pounds per day of incentives to do just the opposite. Some actively blame regulators for not setting strict enough laws. Because there is no specific law stating people shouldn’t bring crocodiles to public baths doesn’t make it something okay to do, does it? It’s also far more depressing thinking about how many regulators used to or will work for the very entities they’re suppose to regulate. Terrible? Yes.

People are just kind of silly and dumb sometimes. Such a person, for example, may run the international financial system into the ground and make taxpayers pick up the bill. Such a person may also scale a fence to get to into a tiger enclosure. Like this guy. His body was found the next morning. Terrible? Yes. The poor tigers had no idea an intruder would enter their home.

In keeping with animals, let’s talk about piranhas. More specifically, piranha arbitrage. These little meat-eaters were found in the waters of Liuzhou, China and city officials decided on the brilliant idea of offering a reward to ordinary citizens who could capture one of these beasties. The reward is 1,000 kuai while certain internet shops sell them for 20 kuai (with a discount if you buy more). Terrible? Yes.

Next up: cows. Happy cows, sad cows. Overheated cows, sad and stressed cows. Who also produce less milk. Okay, so this is less a commentary on cows than on global warming. We continue to heat up this summer and more evidence just keep appearing. For example, the melted tarmac in South Carolina. Melted. Tarmac. Some streets of Beijing have also been flooding and heavy rains have continued in the south of the country. Global warming doesn’t translate to heated temperatures everywhere. It also means more extremes of the weather conditions we already have. More tornadoes, more hurricanes, more droughts, more floods. Terrible? Yes.

Even when I try to look for happy news by searching ‘panda’ instead of ‘bombing’ or ‘syria’, I still get depressing results. The little baby recently born in Japan died after less than a week of life. Terrible? Yes.

From this article on terrible US Olympic uniforms, I found my way to a Smirnoff commercial – Tea Party. It’s kind of hilariously sad and there are SO many things wrong with the way they tried to advertise. The polo boys sail yachts and have multiple courses while the girls grind and others are jealous because their families run the country. Terrible? Yes.

The list can probably go on indefinitely. Joy… I suspect this terrible mood of mine has something to do with friends leaving the country and an exploded washing machine. But what can a person do except gripe on a blog, stalk keep updated with friends and spend an hour mopping? Think chocolate thoughts, think ice cream thoughts!


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