Kyoto, thoughts and an onsen

Lots of wandering around on a semi-swollen ankle and roaming thoughts about nothing in particular. Since the beginning of September, I have been in Tokyo for 8 days, Osaka for 1.5 and now in Kyoto and will be here until the 17th of September.

Currently in Japan, it’s 1:18am, Wednesday September 12th. Instead of sleeping as I should for a big travel day tomorrow, I’m in front of my laptop – thinking too much. It didn’t even register that ‘yesterday’ was September 11th. The – gasp, debate – September 11th. I probably wouldn’t have realized 9/11 had just passed if it weren’t for all the related tweets. Instead of thinking of the tragedy, September 11th, 2012 was reduced to ‘Tuesday’ in my mind. I woke up early, had breakfast, enjoyed conversation, learned about various Japanese preserved vegetables, visited Fushimi Inari shrine, got lost, went to see monkeys then turned myself into a prune in an onsen. On just a Tuesday.

Tired now since I woke up at 7:30 in the morning… but there are thoughts I want to remember. For example, always sit up straight and walk straight and maintain good posture. That’s important. Have healthy eating habits and work on portion control! Also, must remember to bring sketchbook and art-things while traveling at an onsen pace. It’s okay not to see everything and have everything checked off. Remember where you’ve been and where you will go – next time.

People are funny. Always have pen and paper ready for that hilarious conversation. Breathe deeply. Go to an onsen. Go to sleep…

In the meantime, cheers to “On Being Nothing” and Correcting Creativity: The Struggle for Eminence”.


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