I’ve been hibernating while the world continues to speed on. I had sprained my ankle almost two months ago and it should have long recovered had I not immediately gone travelling after the incident. Lots of walking, walking, walking. Then my ankle rebelled and I couldn’t take very many steps before it started hurting. The beginnings of a Southeast Asia travel plan disappeared just like that, and I’ve been hibernating ever since. Until yesterday, when I came to Hong Kong. There’s too much happening here to ignore. It was easier to escape into books and games than to face my own unfortunate circumstances at the time… so much easier. No thinking involved, just escape. And time sped past. And now it’s October 17th. I was surprised when I saw the Halloween decorations at the hostel where I am, because… wait, hang on, Halloween actually is coming up. Fancy that!

Hostels are always full of interesting people who have the best stories and lead very adventurous lives. Travelling around the world? Check. Train from Beijing to Moscow? Check. Sky diving and bungee jumping? Check. It’s awe-inspiring and definitely envy-inspiring as well. Hopefully it’s given me motivation. Keep taking steps forward. It’s okay there’s a pause in the pattern, as long as the pattern continues forward… right?


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