Thoughts from Bangkok

It’s Boxing Day and I’m in Bangkok, Thailand. Actually, a friend and I arrived yesterday, Christmas Day, from Hong Kong. With the hour difference, we still managed to say Merry Christmas to the many people working throughout the airports. The holiday is important because we give it importance. If we choose to treat it as just another Tuesday, then it’ll be just that and nothing more, like yesterday was for me.

I miss meeting new people and listening to their stories, laughing about silly things and planning more adventures. I learn from people I would have otherwise never met and they open new doors and provide inspiration and it’s just… a wonderful feeling to have. I’ve missed it. Another part of me is already planning to throw in the towel. Why is that? It’s just a feeling that’s come over me. Maybe I’ve grown old or I’m not at my best to enjoy the most this adventure has to offer or I’m getting a sixth sense…

We got lost twice today, once in an endless clothes market and another after we got off the bus prematurely and had no idea where our hostel was. We kept asking for directions and looking at signs but nothing was familiar and the night was dark. When we were close to giving up and hailing a taxi, we made one last attempt to ask for directions. A group of office ladies confirmed our direction and we just kept walking. Not even 5 minutes later, not even, the hostel light was shining in front of us. It was amazing. So close, but so far away! What if we’d turned right before, or gave up, or a billion other possibilities that have no impact on my current existence? What then? No answers now, only plans for the future. Museum, tomorrow, 9:30, and go!


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