Our choices in life

The answer to everything is relativity. When comparing, it depends on who or what is compared too. It’s something so familiar to us, comparing, that it’s difficult to sort out when we’re measured by others’ standards versus our own. It then becomes incredibly difficult to figure out our priorities. I’ve always made decisions by working backwards. In order to get to where I’m told I should be in however many years, I need to get to a certain place today. Other people – friends, classmates, overachieving strangers – will all be there so I should be too. A friend I’ve been traveling with left today to start a brand new job and it’s just me now. I’ve been comparing my life to hers, backtracking each decision to when we worked at the same office. Do I like where I am? If given the chance, would I have made different choices? Are these questions even worthy of consideration now that we’re in the future?


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