I Hate Eating Alone

Being in the middle of Hong Kong makes me wonder how it was possible, how I managed to vegetate for such a long time. Now I feel only the restlessness associated with standing still amidst busy productive people. During the day, my few friends here are at work while I wander streets surrounding my apartment in search for food. This has been my 2-3pm for the past three days.

I’ve never liked eating alone. With coding skills, I would definitely begin ihateeatingalone.com! It will be for all those not wanting to be assigned to a table full of strangers, awkward glances, and the vague feeling that I too should be on my phone. Once, I tried to start a conversation and the other person looked at me as if I’d sprouted an extra head.

It feels as if I should be one of the speedwalkers here, with a full load of duties and responsibilities. I should work on self-improvement, read books, generally be more productive. Walk faster! Yet, when I finally spoke to a corporate lawyer friend (after she got off work at 9pm), the conviction that I’m not meant for that type of life again washes over me. It’s about finding balance and a routine that works for me.

I bought ham, eggs, bread, and cream cheese today. Tomorrow, I will cook and eat with my laptop.