Tokyo Day 2 – More Impressions

  • Bond with my cellphone on the metro
  • Bond with my cellphone while walking
  • Bond with my cellphone while drinking coffee

Lazy day, lots of eating with a dose of Gutai Movement at the National Art Centre… all in all, good day. The service here spoils me and I may never tolerate terrible/non-existent service in Beijing again.

Might have made a mistake though in my choice of clothing for today – wore a dress with straps. I saw no other bared shoulders. Should have worn a sweater over it to blend more, despite the weather, or I’d have ‘tourist walking’ written all over. With flipflops, I had ‘tourist walking’ all over me today. It seems the only choices for clothing here is either business or the extreme opposite of business (pink hair, neon shoes, snakeskin belt…).

2am. Tired. First full day in Tokyo ending. Must write down memories before they disappear. Sleep.